Clark Lichty believes that life is too short not to laugh, be adventurous and happy. This belief has helped take Clark from a crop and livestock farm outside of Waterloo, Iowa to success as a model and actor.

A short time ago, Chosen Chicago signed on Clark as a model while he was operating his independent personal training business.  On the main screen, Clark signed with a talent agency shortly after and has never looked back. Clark stands at 6’2” and weighs 185 lbs.

His quick smile and classic look have led Clark to work with top U.S. photographers, including one of Chicago’s own legends, Victor Skrebneski, as well as internationally regarded Rick Day and Tony Duran. 

Clark has also had success on the main stage in Europe, walking several times for both Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana during men's and women's fashion week.

On a personal level, Clark is very adventurous and has a large, close family that he visits regularly. He loves traveling, athletics, horseback riding, and fitness.  Clark Lichty’s life motto is “don’t take life or yourself too seriously."  

Clark currently resides in New York & Chicago.


NBC Chicago PD - Lane Cromwell (2017)
USA Network - Sirens - Episode 207 - "Let Pythons be Pythons" - Hot Fireman (2014)

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Independent Film, "Let's Talk" (2014) 
Independent Film, "Speed Dating" (2013)
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Independent Film, "Mr. Goodman" (2012)
Independent Film, "Composure" (2011)
Independent Film, "Got You" (2011) 
Independent Film, "Fashion Focus" (2011)
Web Series, "The Green Hornet" (2011)
Independent Film, "AICP" (2008)

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C L A R K   L I C H T Y     Instagram: @ClarkLichty